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GMS Leads was purpose created to respond to the exacting needs of GDPR for lead generation. Our whole approach is to be inbound Consent driven with additional outbound telephone qualification of this Consent and the information given. This leaves you and the lead in no doubt as to who you are working with and that there is a clear intent to proceed with installation.

Phase One:
Digital Marketing
SEO, PPC and others

GMS Leads has first class expertise in Digital Marketing using well known Google and 3rd party services and on-line tools. This enables us to bring the right profile of customer to you at a volume and quality determined by you.

Dedicated Web-site portals

We have developed a number of first class web-site portals that are dedicated to the promotion of boiler and insulation measures in particular. These portals are highly configured to move forward the right leads to Application and reject those who do not meet the correct lead type criteria.

Phase Two:
Sales Funnel

Within each GMS Leads portal is a sophisticated application engine that takes prospects through an on-line application and qualification process. This ensure the correct criteria for complex criteria such as HHCRO are entered correctly. The process of doing this also ensures that the lead is determined to make such an enquiry. It is during this application that we gather the Consent and IP details of the Lead and date stamp of Application. We also gather a Memorable Word from the Lead to better recognition for future contact and increase loyalty to you.


All lead information is automatically transferred to our state of the art CRM system. The CRM is cloud based using first class and secure Amazon servers. You can access the CRM via ‘Login’ at the top of each page in this website. As soon as a lead is transferred the CRM sends a ‘Thank you’ message to the lead so they are immediately aware that we have their Application and can expect to be contacted.

Phase Three:
Individual Lead Assessment

During Application, GMS Leads collect the best time to contact each Lead. We employ an internal Quality team of British home based workers who will proceed to contact each lead at the best time for each lead so as to be courteous to people from the start. At the start of each conversation, we will give the Memorable Word to the lead so that they know it is us increasing their customer experience. Each lead is individually assessed to ensure their criteria is correct to lead type and they have a genuine desire to proceed to installation.

Phase Four:
Email notification

As soon as the lead passes our Quality team it is made available to you and an email notification is sent so that you know a new Hot lead has arrived. You can view the lead by clicking on the link in this email or by simply using ‘Login’ to view all boiler leads.


In the event that a lead criteria is incorrect or has changed their mind then you can return the lead in the CRM to GMS Leads by pressing a reject button and giving a description of why you are returning the lead. You have nine (9) consecutive days to make a lead rejection to our Terms & Conditions otherwise, we assume the lead is accepted.

Phase Five:
Increased Results

Our ultimate aim is to increase your Return on Investment, and create a win-win alliance with you for the long term supply of business boiler leads. We believe that our focus on GDPR compliance will become more and more important to your business as traditional marketing methods such as telemarketing and cold data become obsolete and a risk to your business. Please get in touch with us, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

inbound quality boiler leads

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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